Joe Aldridge, PG, Joins GeoEngineers as Principal

Environmental remediation professional Joe Aldridge has joined GeoEngineers as a Principal Geologist. Joe’s years of expertise complement the environmental team from Cascadia Associates that joined the firm in a recent acquisition.

Joe is a veteran of the energy industry with expertise in environmental management. During the past 15 years, Joe built up and managed a successful remediation program for the pipeline and terminal division of a large national energy company. His career has focused on investigating and responsibly cleaning up legacy contamination at petroleum-related industrial sites.

Understanding new or under-researched contaminants of concern is also a priority for Joe. He has focused on emerging contaminants like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a potentially harmful component of fire-fighting foam and many other materials.

“Many of our clients have never faced these particular challenges before,” Joe says, “so it’s up to us to develop best practices for emerging contaminant issues and provide guidance for managing and cleaning up.”

Learn more about Joe and his work by reading his bio, elsewhere on this site.

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