Robison Leads Direct Pipe® Webinar

On July 15, more than 300 attendees from 34 countries tuned in to hear Jon Robison present on the Direct Pipe® (DP) trenchless method and technology. The webinar was hosted and organized by Trenchless Technology Magazine, a global leader in underground construction.

Direct Pipe® has rapidly developed into a unique and critical option for steel pipeline installations. In 2020, the worldwide total of DP installations is on pace to surpass 150, with roughly a third of these projects in North America.

Over the years, Robison has learned a lot about DP. During the presentation he shared its advantages and discussed potential applications and risks from a trenchless and geotechnical engineering perspective. He introduced the critical concepts of steel design engineering, including stress analyses and buckling, which are especially important for pipe that will be subsequently subjected to high operating pressures. He also discussed the DP construction process, documentation and quality assurance.

You can watch Jon’s full Direct Pipe® presentation on YouTube. If you’d like to learn more about trenchless technology and pipeline engineering, check out the growing library of videos on our Pipeline Webinar page, or read more about our work here on

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