Safety Award Winners Further Geo Safety Efforts

GeoEngineers’ first commitment is to safety, both in the field and in its 12 offices. To help keep safety top-of-mind among employees, GeoEngineers’ corporate health and safety manager, Wayne Adams, sponsors the Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) quarterly competition. Wayne has just announced the two SAFE winners for the fourth quarter of 2011, Kim Janci and Garry Squires.

Kim, the lab/equipment manager in the Portland (OR) office, recently became a health and safety coordinator for GeoEngineers. She advocates for health and safety in the office, helping to ensure staff members have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), safe vehicles and operable equipment.

Garry is a geotechnical engineer and principal in GeoEngineers’ Tacoma office. Throughout the year he has participated in a number of safety initiatives and training. Garry had also led safety training in cave-in protection, routinely conducts safety briefings and makes sure that each job has the proper job hazard analysis (JHA) or health and safety plan (HASP).

SAFE winners for the first through third quarters of 2011 were Jodie Lathrop and John Deeds (Tacoma), Chris Brown (Redmond); and Jerry Garms, Gary Mathews, Jamie McCloud and Dustin Thompson (Baton Rouge).

Wayne commended all of the SAFE winners for their efforts to work safely, saying, “All winners of the award this year have shown through their actions and positive attitude that the core value of GeoEngineers is truly, ‘We think safety first.’”

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