Senior Principal J. Gordon Elected to GeoEngineers’ Board of Directors

J. Gordon, PE

GeoEngineers shareholders elected Senior Principal J. Gordon to the GeoEngineers Board of Directors during their annual meeting on March 5. J. brings more than 35 years of engineering experience and institutional knowledge to this new governance and leadership role.

“It is an exciting time because we are going through the fourth CEO change in our history, and putting together our new strategic plan for the next five years,” J. said. “My passion is to help position this company as best we can for the next generations so that they can also enjoy a great career here.”

J. came to GeoEngineers in 1987 after gaining valuable experience with two other firms in the Puget Sound and Alaska during the early years of his career. Six years after joining GeoEngineers, J. moved to Bellingham to open and manage a new GeoEngineers office. Since then, he’s opened up business markets in the Bellingham area by weaving the office and staff firmly into the fabric of the local community.

As a senior principal, J. also supports numerous projects in Eastern Washington, the Puget Sound, and Oregon. J. takes pride in his role as a mentor to younger staff members, as well as being a technical resource. Although beginning his career as a geotechnical engineer, J. broadened his technical expertise by moving into environmental assessment and cleanup, permitting, and river and habitat projects.

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