White Paper Aims to Streamline Seismic Design Process for Tall Buildings

Senior Geotechnical Engineer Hamilton Puangnak and collaborators recently published a white paper meant to improve seismic design efficiency for tall buildings in jurisdictions that require a code-based Design Earthquake (DE) analysis. The paper was featured in the 2023 edition of the Los Angeles Tall Building Structural Design Council Guidelines, and it can be accessed here.

“This paper provides a framework for determining when the DE controls, thus eliminating the need for a parallel Service Level Earthquake analysis—reducing costs and schedule impacts,” Hamilton explains.

The paper, “Comparison of SLE and DE Acceptance Criteria for Reinforced Concrete Core-Wall Tall Buildings,” was a joint effort by lead author Scott Neuman, (Director of Earthquake Engineering at KPFF Consulting Engineers), Kristijan Kolozvari (Associate Professor at California State University), Farzad Naeim (Professor at the University of Southern California,) and Hamilton.

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