Aaron Hartvigsen


Associate Geotechnical Engineer

It is fun to work in a company where everyone feels like a team and is willing to help each other out.


  • 2007


  • Bellingham, WA

Aaron reveals that first words as a toddler were, “John Deere dig a dirt,” but it didn’t hit him until his college internship that as a civil engineer, he could have an office and a pickup truck, and put on boots and go get dirty at job sites.

Today, Aaron is a geotechnical engineer at GeoEngineers. He develops the scope and budget for projects, plans and carries out exploration programs, performs laboratory and engineering analyses and prepares reports. Aaron values his many opportunities for creativity and collaboration. “There is always enough of a challenge to keep me engaged and progressing personally as we meet the client’s needs. It is fun to work in a company where everyone feels like a team and is willing to help each other out.”

The dock replacement project that Aaron and his team did in Stehekin (WA) for the National Park Service is one example of this teamwork and creativity. “We implemented a very creative method in determining pile capacity in a remote environment with limited communication,” Aaron notes, adding, “It is a rewarding experience to see projects completed and know that you did your part to make them happen.”

While building a house for his family, Aaron found his engineering-related skills invaluable. Now that the house is nearly done, he has more time to play with his two daughters and Australian shepherd. Aaron also volunteers with a local Boy Scout group and enjoys riding his bike and playing soccer and basketball. He is a bit of a tech junkie, he says. “I fool around with and research the latest gadgets. Whenever someone in the office has a question about their cell phone, I seem to be the one they ask for help.”

Selected Project Experience

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