Abby & Benny von Deak

Staff Geotechnical Engineers

So…what’s for lunch?


  • 2021


  • Tacoma, WA

Abby and Benny came to GeoEngineers’ Tacoma office by way of Texas but started their journey in Ohio. So far, they are enjoying their new home, and enjoy long walks and barking at many people and things. 

Both dogs excel at being persuasive. They know how to work a situation to come out in their favor, and that comes in handy both in the office and at the dinner table. Roommate and GeoEngineers colleague Amelia says, “their favorite food that they get regularly is canned pumpkin, but I suspect that occasionally make themselves sick, so I have to make them boiled chicken and white rice.” 

Both dogs have a keen interest in soil sciences and enjoy field work—especially rolling in fields. Investigative work is their passion. They can find creative snacks on the ground wherever they go.  

Benny has herding in his blood, so he knows how to manage a team effectively, making sure everyone gets all the work done while he gets his 18 hours of naps in. 

Abby excels at bringing in new clients. Her expressive face and giant ears help her gain the trust of others. Those big ears also come in handy for other things. She hears about potential jobs, and doorbells, before anyone else. 

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