Adam Wright


With so many diverse disciplines in our projects, it is always possible to expand my knowledge and work with new people.


  • 2012


  • Tacoma, WA

Environmental work runs in Adam’s family, he explains. “Having been raised by an environmental consultant and seeing the breadth of places and projects available, I always thought it was the coolest job ever.”

As a staff biologist at GeoEngineers, Adam collects and reports on field data for a variety of large and small projects. He provides providing support and flexibility across multiple disciplines–biology, geotechnical, environmental. Adam particularly enjoys the field work and travelling to different places to try to determine human effects on a particular landscape. He also appreciates the range of specialties his co-workers represent. “With so many diverse disciplines, it is always possible to expand my knowledge and work with new people,” he reflects.

Adam is looking forward to having the time and money to snowboard more often. In the summertime, he likes to fish, hike, camp or play pick-up sports, but says he is equally happy indoors, watching horror movies with his girlfriend or playing computer games online until the sun comes up.

Selected Project Experience

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