Alex Fontenot

Data Entry/Lab Technician

Every day is a chance for improvement or learning a new skill. No matter how small of an improvement it is, improvement is improvement.


  • 2023


  • Baton Rouge, LA

Alex plays a pivotal role on our Baton Rouge team, where he manages geotechnical and environmental data, and performs lab tests. High-quality data is the foundation of all GeoEngineers’ work, and Alex leans on his background in Hazardous Waste Management and industrial testing to make sure we get it right.

Before joining GeoEngineers, Alex worked as a field chemist in Hazardous Waste Management. It gave him the chance to work with a variety of chemicals for clients, and leave behind a cleaner and safer environment. Alex also spent time at a polymer plant, where he was responsible for testing products to make sure they met sales specifications.

In 2023, Alex joined GeoEngineers looking for new challenges and a better work/life balance, and he enjoys working on projects that will have a real impact on communities.

“Now when I see new projects, like bridge construction on my way home, I see them in a different light,” Alex says. “Knowing my testing is helping similar projects has been a great source of pride.”

Outside of work, Alex stays active by weightlifting, exercising with his wife, and playing with his two dogs. When he has the time, Alex is also an avid PC gamer who enjoys upgrading his computer for the latest games!

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