Alissa Kastner

Administrative Coordinator

I want to be a go-to resource for our technical staff, just like they are for our clients. My job is all about supporting people and making sure they have what they need to serve our clients effectively.


  • 2022


  • Tacoma, WA


  • Administration

GeoEngineers’ work is dynamic and fast-paced, with technical staff regularly working from the field, their homes, and offices across the country. As administrative coordinator, Alissa supports our staff and helps manage two of GeoEngineers’ Puget Sound offices—Seattle and Tacoma. GeoEngineers’ technical staff have our client’s backs, and Alissa has theirs.

Before joining GeoEngineers, Alissa spent 17 years honing her administrative skills in the medical field. She primarily worked as a referral coordinator at a specialty clinic for orthopedic surgery and an imaging facility, where she managed referrals and authorizations for patient services. In 2022, Alissa’s life hit a transition point, and she decided to bring her talents to GeoEngineers.

“I needed a change from my previous position,” she says. “I saw the job posting for GeoEngineers and was impressed by the company and the services we provide.”

In between supporting her colleagues Alissa stays busy with her own diverse interests. She enjoys reading—especially mysteries—and is an avid singer, participating in choir throughout high school and college, and performing for many weddings, funerals, and church events over the years. Alissa also loves horses and is an experienced rider, something she shares with her young adult daughter, Devan.

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