Amy Morgenstern


Senior Human Resources Manager

I’ve always been an advocate for helping people thrive, and GeoEngineers allows me to align that purpose with my career.


  • 2011


  • Redmond, WA


  • HR

At GeoEngineers we understand that our firm is no more or less than our employees. If they are the engine that drive us forward, then it’s Amy’s job to keep that engine finely tuned. Amy looks out for the well-being of our employees in countless ways, from managing employee benefits to supporting mental health.

“I’m a fixer at heart,” Amy says. “I’m always on the lookout for how to level-up the employee experience at GeoEngineers, whether that’s benefits, employee programs, or simply building connection and community throughout the company. The holistic well-being of our people is the cornerstone of everything I do.”

Amy stumbled into HR while at a previous employer and never looked back. Her company needed HR support and, always the fixer, Amy stepped into the role. Right away, she enjoyed the opportunity to mentor others and support and advocate for them as they grew their careers. Before long, Amy discovered GeoEngineers and was intrigued by the emphasis on employee well-being and growth.

“We really are a unique culture here that goes beyond the work we do. When life happens, we don’t hesitate to figure out how to be a safety net for our people,” Amy says. “Sometimes it’s a companywide effort and sometimes it’s behind the scenes in very personal situations, but GeoEngineers always has your back.”

Amy models this kind of cooperation and support every day. Outside of GeoEngineers, Amy is an active mentor in the Lake Washington HR Association, where she looks for every chance to support new HR professionals and help them chase their goals. Her role at GeoEngineers is not so different. The challenges might change from day to day, but no matter what, Amy is ready to help.

“I think in my role it’s really an aggregate of all sorts of things,” Amy explains. “It is gratifying when people say that I was the first person they thought to call to partner with in any particular situation.”

At home, you’ll probably find Amy with a book in her hand or working on her most recent knitting or embroidery project. She’s also a self-described “total Star Wars nerd,” and likes to explore new breweries with her husband.

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