Amy Nguyen


Staff Geotechnical Engineer


  • 2019


  • Redmond, WA


Amy and our other geotechnical engineers are our eyes and ears in the field. She collects soil samples and investigates project sites as the first step toward classifying the soil and making geotechnical recommendations. When construction begins, Amy is often on-hand as an observer, representing our client’s interests and verifying that contractors are following recommendations. In the office, Amy writes reports, assists with analyses and performs lab tests. If it has to do with soil, it’s probably part of Amy’s job.

Amy’s road to geotechnical engineering started in 2005 when her cousins came to temporarily stay with her family after they were displaced from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. She says the severity of damage not just to infrastructure but to mental and emotional health had a significant impact on her. It was only years later, while pursuing her engineering degree, that Amy realized that her future profession could offer practical solutions.

“When I took a geohazards class I realized that geotechnical engineering could be used to mitigate the severity of natural disaster impacts,” Amy says.

Amy first encountered GeoEngineers as a graduate student at Oregon State University. She’d heard about the firm’s reputation in the Puget Sound, and applied for a summer internship position. It was a good experience for Amy and for GeoEngineers, and after graduating Amy returned to accept a full-time position.

“When I was an intern, there were many people who genuinely wanted to help me grow as an engineer and they continue to do so today,” Amy says.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys reading, watching movies and creative arts and crafts. She’s attracted to any hobby that connects her with interesting groups of people—like book clubs—but her true passion is knitting!

“There’s a big knitting community in the Puget sound,” Amy says. “I love visiting local yarn shops to buy too much yarn and chat with other fellow knitters.”

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