Atlas Rogel

Environmental and Treat Compliance Specialist

Everything in its place. Every Cheeto in my mouth.


  • 2023


  • Portland, OR

Atlas is an experienced environmental and treat compliance specialist who puts clients and coworkers at ease with his calm attitude and pawfessionalism. He has a nose for careful inspections and has seen his share of complex spills through the years—including his own.

Even at home, Atlas’ natural organizational and clean-up skills are obvious.

“He doesn’t like clutter or his toys out of place,” says roommate and coworker Ester Rogel. “He puts everything in his crate with him.”

In his ample free time, Atlas enjoys being left alone to sit on the couch with his favorite toy—unless there are hot Cheetos available.

“Do not mistake my chillness for ambivalence,” Atlas says. “You can either give me a Cheeto, or I will steal a Cheeto.”

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