Callan Driscoll


Staff Environmental Engineer

I felt I should be part of making a difference in my community. I knew I wanted to be an environmental engineer.


  • 2015


  • Redmond, WA

Callan grew up with an intimate understanding of the importance of environmental issues. Growing up in Butte, Montana near Berkeley Pit Lake, the site of the EPA’s largest Superfund cleanup effort, Callan saw firsthand the difference between contaminated and reclaimed stream environments. From high school on, Callan strived to make a difference through environmental action.

“I felt I should be part of making a difference in my community,” Callan says. “I knew I wanted to be an environmental engineer.”

Callan gained practical experience with an environmental firm in Montana and delved into research on using bacterial biofilms in bioremediation during her graduate studies at Notre Dame before joining GeoEngineers in 2015.

“I was excited to find a firm that allowed me to go from academia to a practical role in environmental work,” Callan says. “I was impressed at the diverse range of projects and the ability to grow as an engineer.”

Today Callan works as a staff environmental engineer in Redmond, where she assesses environmental sites, collects samples and recommends clean-up procedures or remediation when necessary.

Callan enjoys spending time in the natural environments she works to protect. Outside of work, you might find her fly fishing, hiking, running, scuba diving, curling, playing tennis or salsa dancing.

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