Carly Doulos


Environmental Compliance Specialist

My passion for protecting natural resources and helping my clients makes a career in environmental compliance a no-brainer for me.


  • 2023


  • Seattle, WA

As an environmental compliance specialist, Carly bridges the gap between our clients and state and federal regulators. She interprets environmental requirements, develops compliance plans, and guides businesses toward sustainable solutions that work for everyone. Carly works to understand her client’s priorities and goals and creates custom solutions to meet their needs.

“I have been in some form of customer service or client-facing role since I was 14 years old,” Carly says. “You can learn a lot from textbooks and courses, but the ability to connect with clients and help them reach their goals is a skill that I’ve honed through experience.”

Carly got her first taste of compliance at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality while still in school, and after graduation she jumped right into environmental consulting. Early on, Carly specialized in hazardous waste treatment, sampling, and disposal, and that meant coordinating directly with clients to solve issues when they came up.

“Our company would take a composite sample to ensure the waste was characterized and treated correctly before disposal in the landfill,” Carly explains. “If our sample didn’t match how the waste was characterized, I would be the one to call the client and say, ‘Hey, what happened here and how can we fix it?’ It taught me how to interact with clients effectively, think outside the box, and utilize my technical knowledge—all while protecting the environment.”

As her career progressed, Carly added stormwater compliance and underground storage tanks to her experience. In 2023, she joined GeoEngineers to work on a more diverse range of projects that combine her interests in environmental science and land use planning.

“My love for the natural world and passion for problem-solving makes environmental compliance the quintessential mix for me,” Carly says.

Outside of work, Carly enjoys exploring the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking in the Pacific Northwest or embarking on international adventures. She also enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, and gardening.

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