Chaz Woo


Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you – John Wooden


  • 2018


  • Boise, ID

As a staff geotechnical engineer, Chaz is often our eyes and ears at project sites. He performs investigations and inspections, interfaces with contractors at the site and monitors construction for our clients.

Chaz became interested in soil mechanics after spending time specializing in other types of engineering. While working on a large infrastructure project, Chaz was responsible for reinforced concrete and worked closely with geotechnical engineers on the project’s deep foundations.

“He talked about the unique soils in the region that led him to his design, and I quickly realized his work was more fascinating then mine,” explains Chaz. “Every project, for me, had the same concrete and rebar. But for him, every job had unique geology creating fun challenges.”

The creative challenges presented by geotechnical engineering were appealing to Chaz. When he returned to school to complete a master’s degree, Chaz jumped into the world of geotechnical engineering.

Because of his diverse background, Chaz can work and communicate effectively with the many types of contractors and inspectors he encounters during projects. He’s also looking forward to the diversity his job will bring.

“One of my favorite parts about geotechnical engineering is working both in the office and in the field during projects,” Chaz says. “Because GeoEngineers designs many of their projects, I get to be involved in both sides.”

Chaz may like diversity in his work, but he’s a loyal Washington fan when it comes to sports. Whether he’s celebrating a blowout win from the Gonzaga Bulldogs or mourning a loss by the Mariners, Chaz is onboard for the ride. When he’s not watching sports, he enjoys playing pick-up basketball and softball. Chaz is also a cook. He loves to challenge himself by eating out at good restaurants and then trying to mimic their dishes at home—especially Southeast Asian cuisines. And now that he’s living in Boise, Chaz is excited to get outside and tackle some of Idaho’s peaks on skis or on foot!

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