Chengyou Yue

Staff Geo-Structural Scientist

I’ve always been fascinated by how a project is physically achieved from the engineer’s mind.


  • 2023


  • Southborough, MA*

As a geo-structural scientist, Chengyou brings geotechnical analysis and structural engineering together. He investigates and characterizes soil conditions and then designs structures like temporary shoring systems and permanent foundation elements for our clients. On any given day, Chengyou might be dealing with unforeseen issues at a project site or carefully preparing designs in the office. No matter what, he is always up for the challenge.

“Civil engineering is an area where theory and practice are highly combined,” Chengyou says. “I am good at theoretical work, and I have been eager to get my hands dirty with practical engineering projects since I was in middle school.”

Chengyou decided to study civil engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and while there he got a taste of engineering practice thanks to an internship at the Illinois Department of Transportation. He analyzed data, wrote up research, and developed computational templates for the agency’s Central Bureau of Research. In 2023, Chengyou graduated with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and launched his career at GeoEngineers.

In his spare time, Chengyou collects National Parks! He enjoys experiencing new places through travel and seeing America’s natural beauty is always at the top of his list. Every national park adventure is commemorated with a sticker on Chengyou’s refrigerator, and he’s looking forward to adding many more in the coming years.

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