Chris Nordfors

Chief Marketing Officer

In the broadest sense, I think of myself as a corporate storyteller.


  • 2006


  • Redmond, WA


  • Leadership
  • Marketing

Chris has a long-standing interest in putting words, images and other media together to tell stories. He started his career as a photographer and magazine editor just as computers were revolutionizing the publishing business, and ever since then he’s been fascinated by new communications technologies and how they can be combined to share ideas in compelling ways. “In the broadest sense, I think of myself as a corporate storyteller,” Chris relates.

At GeoEngineers, Chris leads the corporate marketing team, which builds external communities’ awareness of the company and works with Geo’s technical staff to pursue competitive project opportunities. Chris devotes most of his time to helping external audiences—mostly current and prospective clients—understand the work GeoEngineers does and see the company in the most favorable light. “The people here—particularly my marketing team members—are incredibly dedicated to their profession and are great to work with,” Chris reflects. “They challenge me to do my best work and, I hope, I return the favor.”

When Chris is not at work, he’s likely helping his wife look after their small menagerie at their rural homestead. He still enjoys creative photography and occasionally tends his vegetable garden.

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