Christina Colman

Senior Field Technician

I love the outdoors and getting sent to different job sites. It’s a great way to see places I haven’t been to and get to know different people.


  • 2022


  • Boston, MA*

As a field technician, Christina is on the front lines of GeoEngineers’ growing Boston presence. She spends most of her time performing geotechnical testing, environmental sampling, or observing construction. Christina also plays an important role in connecting clients, engineers, and other partners with the contractor—and keeping them updated with day-to-day progress at her project sites.

Although engineering runs in Christina’s family, she initially took a different path and graduated from college with a bachelor’s in marketing. Her first job out of college was for an engineering company in Rhode Island, and in addition to her marketing responsibilities, Christina took on some fieldwork.

“I gravitated towards the field work and quickly realized I did not want to be in the office 100 percent of the time,” Christina says. “I loved that aspect of the job and getting to work outdoors with clients.”

Christina leaned into engineering fieldwork and never looked back. Before long she was performing field and lab testing for a construction material testing company, training and managing staff, and drafting reports for clients. In 2022, Christina joined GeoEngineers.

“I was ready to take my next career step and was interested by how much geotechnical and environmental work Geo does,” Christina says. “I was excited at the opportunity to grow and challenge myself in new ways.”

In her spare time, Christina enjoys hiking, skiing, and listening to live music. “When I have a free weekend, it’s usually spent in Maine or New Hampshire visiting with family and friends.”

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