Christopher Newton


Staff Geotechnical Engineer

It's a great opportunity to assist with the design and construction of civil infrastructure projects by way of our geotechnical expertise.


  • 2014


  • Tacoma, WA

Chris is part of an integrated team at GeoEngineers that analyzes how soil strength and behavior affect civil infrastructure design for bridges, buildings and more. “I began to gain an affinity toward geotechnical engineering when learning about basic soil mechanics in the context of slope stability, seepage and consolidation, earth retention, and foundation design,” Chris says.

Before GeoEngineers, Chris worked for a small geotechnical and testing firm in Portland, Oregon, while finishing his graduate degree in civil engineering at Oregon State University. Having the ability to grow and be mentored into an effective engineer is what drew him to GeoEngineers. “I am extremely blessed to join and contribute to a diverse team of earth science and engineering professionals. I like the variety of tasks I get to participate in day to day; there is always something new to learn,” he says.

Outside of work, you can catch Chris taking in the college football season cheering for the Oregon State Beavers. He also enjoys driving and working on trucks, doing yard work, hiking and attending church.

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