Clinton Lindgren


Project Geotechnical Engineer

As Arnold Palmer says, the road to success is always under construction.


  • 2018


  • Tacoma, WA

Like most of our geotechnical engineers, Clinton spends many days in the field at project sites. Clinton observes construction to certify that contractors follow the specifics of our designs and takes samples and helps characterize the soils present on a site. He also looks for opportunities to contribute to projects from the office and enjoys tackling technical analysis and design work.

Before joining GeoEngineers, Clinton worked as an environmental scientist for a stormwater treatment company, and later jumped into geotechnical consulting as a geologist. This varied experience gave Clinton a good start in the field, but soon he began looking for the next challenge. To take the next step in his career, Clinton decided to specialize.

“During my work, I interacted with many geotechnical engineers,” Clinton says. “Discussions with them encouraged me to return to school for a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering where I could learn about the technical engineering aspects ‘behind the scenes’ of geotechnical work and get more into the design side of things.”

Clinton hasn’t regretted his choice. In a sense, he finds geotechnical engineering fascinating because of the mystery involved. Every site has different secrets to reveal, and even the work itself is often hidden underground.

“I enjoy seeing technical design implemented in the field and appreciating the aspects of geotechnical engineering that very frequently go unnoticed by most people,” Clinton says.

Outside of work, Clinton enjoys spending time outside hiking, golfing, fishing, or tailgating at University of Washington football games (“Go Huskies!”). In addition to football, Clinton also follows baseball and golf—and he doesn’t mind skipping the tailgate party sometimes in favor of kicking back at home with his favorite Thai takeout!

Selected Project Experience

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