While majoring in civil engineering at Brigham Young University, Cody discovered geotechnical engineering and decided it was the career path for him. “After taking a few extra classes in it, I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life,” he says.

Now a graduate of Brigham Young, Cody is looking forward to being involved with lots of projects at GeoEngineers and eventually being in charge of his own. “When I came to GeoEngineers for my interview, I was impressed with the personalities of the engineers here, and with how much they seemed to enjoy their jobs. It seemed like the kind of company I can really grow with,” he says.

Cody is also new to the Baton Rouge area, and enjoys trying new restaurants and being in a new culture. “I like trying new things, so Baton Rouge is great for me,” he says. In his free time, Cody also enjoys playing sports, reading and spending time with his wife.

Selected Project Experience

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