Collin Sweeney


Staff Geo-Structural Engineer

I enjoy the interaction of natural and built environments, and geotechnical engineering lies at that crossroads. At GeoEngineers, I get to apply my skills, build experience, and come home having learned something new every day.


  • 2021


  • Southborough, MA*

Collin is a staff engineer focusing on the temporary earthworks and structures that are required to build construction projects in limited spaces. He delivers engineering recommendations and design packages for everything from retaining walls to dewatering systems to braced excavations. He works closely with the rest of the Construction Design Team to support large development and transportation projects in Boston and up and down the East Coast.

“Just the sheer scale of what humans are able to build impresses me,” Collin says, “and to be part of a project as iconic as the Boston Central Artery or Hoover Dam someday would be awesome.”

His lifelong interest in geology and infrastructure took Collin to Purdue University for his bachelor’s degree, then Virginia Tech, where he graduated with his master’s degree in civil engineering in 2020. Collin found geotechnical engineering especially fascinating. It let him apply his skills in math, science and writing to complicated soil and structure challenges—and as a bonus, he often gets to employ these skills in the field.

“Any time I get to be outside on a job site, I am having a good day at work,” Collin says.

When he’s not working, Collin’s best days are still outside. He spends most weekends hiking or backpacking in the New Hampshire or Vermont wilderness. At home, you’ll find him baking, reading, watching baseball, or planning his next road trip to find more mountains to climb.


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