Cora Johnson


Assistant Geotechnical Discipline Lead, Associate Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering is the perfect union of two of the things I love most—geology and math!


  • 2016


  • Seattle, WA

Cora does geotechnical work for many of the large transportation and development projects around the Puget Sound and manages a group of engineers based in the Seattle and Redmond offices.

“I work with the dirt!” Cora says. “Most of my work is underground and no one gets to see it when the project is finished—but take comfort in knowing that it’s there.”

Cora and her staff are responsible for collecting soil samples, testing their strength properties, and then using that data to create designs and recommendations for our clients’ projects. During her nearly ten years in the industry, Cora has specialized in foundation system design, slope stability, geologic hazard analysis and retaining structures.

Like many of our staff, Cora has a passion for the outdoors and conservation. She’s currently a board member for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, a coalition of environmentalists, local companies, state and federal agencies and non-profits dedicated to preserving and connecting natural and recreational spaces along the I-90 corridor from the Cascade Mountains to Seattle, Washington.

“With the Greenway Trust, I have hiked and biked on trail systems that extends from Ellensburg to downtown Seattle,” Cora says. “I have the amazing opportunity to participate in our shared vision to ensure a long-term balance between people and nature.”

Cora’s active lifestyle extends to most areas of her life. She spends most mornings on the treadmill or biking to work in the city. On the weekend she and her husband like to take long urban walks in search of coffee with their dog—when they’re not busy fixing up their first home!

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