Cris Watkins

Senior Environmental Scientist

I'm passionate about the outdoors, and by working to clean up natural ecosystems I get to help protect the natural resources I enjoy so much.


  • 2011


  • Portland, OR

Cris is an environmental project manager for sites that may potentially be contaminated, such as landfills and former gas stations, dry cleaners and mills. His environmental experience gives Cris a good understanding of the complex state, federal and industry regulations our clients must work within.

His proudest project to date at GeoEngineers includes working on a former industrial property covering a large area that includes a creek, pond and some wetlands that could become part of a state wildlife park. “I am proud to be working on this project due to its historical nature and our role in bringing it back to a productive property,” Cris says.

Cris’s personal interests in fishing, hiking, gun sports and the outdoors has him sometimes doing hands-on work to protect the environment. “I help clean up properties that may be degrading environments in which I enjoy my sports activities,” he says.

Selected Project Experience

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