Dan Campbell


COO, Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer

The common threads of inspiration in our work are cool projects that require good science and engineering. We do fun stuff.


  • 1989


  • Redmond, WA


  • Leadership

As GeoEngineers’ Chief Operations Officer, Dan is the man who makes sure the company maintains peak performance. He’s also a senior principal geotechnical engineer and seismic engineering expert with extensive project experience in structures, dams and roadways. Dan feels that geotechnical engineering is as much art, experience and judgment as it is science, and is a truly unique field of engineering.

When he looks back over his GeoEngineers’ project history, Dan is most proud of two I-405 design-build projects because of their complexity and size, but jokes that he gets the most attention when he tells people he helped build Bill Gates’ house!

Dan describes GeoEngineers as a different sort of company: “It is a pleasure to work with a team of professionals who are also owners of the company and all pulling in the same direction. The common threads of inspiration in our work are cool projects that require good science and engineering. We do fun stuff.”

Dan isn’t all business and engineering. He’s also an avid scuba diver who flies away to the Caribbean for diving adventures whenever he has the time.

  • “Kobe and Seattle: Are We Prepared? An Engineer Explains Why It Could Happen Here and What We Could Expect.” Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, April 26, 1995
  • “A Technical Briefing on the Taiwan Earthquake—Geotechnical Aspects,” first presented at the Structural Engineers Association of Washington Seminar at the University of Washington in November 1999 and on numerous subsequent occasions to public agencies and private engineering firms
  • “Seismic Considerations for Tanks and Reservoirs,” presented with K. Yamatsuka at the joint Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association and the Northwest Washington American Water Works Association Regional Short School and Trade Show, June 2004
  • “Observations and Performance of a Soil Nail Shoring Wall in Seattle Silts and Clays: Proceedings: Fifth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering,” by Shaun Stauffer, Dan Campbell, et. al., 2004

Selected Project Experience

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