Denise Wallace

Senior Marketing Specialist

I thrive from the energy of connecting with people, understanding their needs, and building and sustaining relationships whether through strategic partnerships, networking events, or community outreach.


  • 2020


  • Baton Rouge, LA


  • Marketing

Denise is one of our marketing and business development leads, focusing on our work in the Southern United States. She works with our technical staff to create and coordinate competitive proposals and statements of qualification, plans networking events and analyzes local markets.

Denise’s background is in journalism and broadcasting, but before joining GeoEngineers, she got a feel for the industry at a pipeline construction company and then an international Fortune 500 engineering firm. She rounded out her professional communications resume with stints working for a prominent Louisiana law firm and as press secretary for a lieutenant governor. In 2019, Denise was introduced to GeoEngineers.

“It felt like home,” Denise says. “Right away there was a sense of comfort and familiarity.”

GeoEngineers has always understood the importance of relationships in our work, and Denise shares that dedication to put people above all else. She enjoys the creativity of working with her colleagues to understand our clients and then exceed their expectations.

Outside of work, Denise enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. While a student at Northwestern State University, Denise was a competitive track and field athlete. She’s still passionate about fitness today, and makes her workouts a regular part of her busy routine.

“It is a great stress reliever and allows me to have some much-needed self-care and ‘me time.’”

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