Dexter Chan


Staff Environmental Engineer


  • 2019


  • Seattle, WA

As an environmental engineer on our Puget Sound environmental team, Dexter spends a lot of his time in the field. He collects soil and water samples and helps our clients implement engineering solutions that protect the environment.

“I’ve always been attracted to the outdoors but moving to Seattle and seeing the beautiful green of the Pacific Northwest is giving me a renewed desire to preserve it,” Dexter says.

Dexter’s specialty is water resource management—a critical issue for the health of Washington State’s fishery industry. The direct relationship between his work and people’s lives is not lost on Dexter.

“I am working to improve the lives of many people,” Dexter says. “It gives me a sense of purpose just knowing that it’s the right thing to do.”

In his free time, Dexter enjoys hiking in and photographing the natural world he helps protect. You might also find him enjoying some tv and video games at home, or playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball or running with friends.

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