Don Edgett

CAD Technician


  • 2018


  • Springfield, MO


As a CAD Technician, Don is an important part of our pipeline team. His graphics and figures help our engineers design trenchless crossings and communicate the physical realities of complex sites to our clients and partners.

Before joining GeoEngineers, Don manufactured construction and architectural components. Don was drawn to the design and drafting process of these materials, and it inspired him to go back to school for CAD. After completing a program, he returned to manufacturing, this time in architectural design.

In 2018, Don made the move to GeoEngineers, looking for new challenges.

“I needed a different adventure in my line of work, even though it’s still CAD, this is totally different from architectural design,” Don explains.

Even at home, Don loves designing and creating. He and his son are building a ’67 Camaro from the ground up which will eventually become his son’s first car. Don and his wife and son also enjoy spending time outside fishing, hunting, hiking and snake spotting (yes, snake spotting)!

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