Donnie Smith

HDD Construction Specialist


  • 1994


  • Baton Rouge, LA

As a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) specialist, Donnie is very familiar with pipeline construction and trenchless construction techniques. He interfaces with contractors, monitors their work, and ensures that projects are completed according to geotechnical designs and specifications. He also performs field investigations and lab procedures; including processing, testing and writing final reports on soils, concrete and rock.

Donnie is proud of several pipeline projects he has been part of, but a few stand out in his memory. Among them are the 43-inch pipeline from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea in Southern Russia for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, an HDD crossing of the Rio Grande into Mexico, various HDD crossings for El Paso Pipeline in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and most recently, an HDD crossing site of the Hassayampa River in Arizona for Energy Transfer Partners. “These projects stand out to me because of the travel and opportunity to work with a variety of people from several different companies and countries who all shared the same goal,” Donnie recounts.

Most of Donnie’s recreational activities involve sports and music. “I’ve been an LSU football season ticket holder for years, and I also make most away games and all bowl games. I’m part of a large tailgate crew, where my job is to cook for 50-plus people every home game. I also enjoy going to concerts and playing guitar.”

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