Emmi Herzel

Associate Geologist

They say I’m a little intense. I say they’re a little boring.


  • 2016


  • Seattle, WA

Emmi’s world is all about managing risk. She helps us analyze a site or project for potential geologic or environmental hazards—and when potential risks are found, Emmi works to control or mitigate them. 

In addition to her technical work, Emmi often works directly with both clients and contractors. Her no-nonsense approach is perfect for getting right to the issues that need to be addressed, and she can stop a contractor in his steps with the arch of a single eyebrow. 

Emmi’s passion for risk analysis is no accident, it was a practical survival strategy. When just a pup, Emmi spent months living on the streets of Kent, Washington, fighting off strange dogs and wondering where her next meal would come from. Through it all, she never lost her independent spirit and iron will. Eventually, Emmi met GeoEngineers colleague Matt Herzel, who helped her get back on her feet. 

“Not that I needed the help, mind you,” Emmi is quick to point out. 

Emmi is a bit of an athlete, and she likes to stay active in her free time. She enjoys playing ball in the backyard, long hikes in the woods, mountain scrambles and competitive wrestling. Emmi is not a fan of Seattle weather, but she makes the most of rainy days by birdwatching from the window, trying new recipes, resting her head on random objects, curling up on the couch—or grumbling loudly about the weather to anyone who will listen.

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