Ester protects the well-being of our industrial clients and the environment we share as a member of Geoengineers’ environmental compliance team. She uses her knowledge of federal and state regulations to guide businesses through clean-up actions and other requirements—and supports their long-term plans for growth.

Ester’s diverse professional experience has helped her understand the effect that industrial activity can have on wildlife. Early in her career, Ester focused on river restoration and wildlife research, especially on threatened species like bull trout and sage grouse. She saw many issues first-hand while performing inspections on wastewater dischargers as part of her responsibilities in the wastewater pretreatment lab for a local municipality. Ester knew she could do more.

“I was not able to help them while working in municipal, but I knew I had the knowledge and expertise to do so,” Ester explains. “I decided that I wanted to help industries prevent pollution in the first place instead of waiting to do the clean up after the damage is done.”

This realization set Ester on a path toward private consulting, and she joined GeoEngineers in 2023.

“I’m looking forward to growing as a consultant,” Ester says, “I want to encourage as many industries as possible to become more environmentally conscious and to consider better practices.”

Outside of work, Ester spends most of her free time with her two “really needy” Australian shepherds, Atlas and Lillian. She enjoys rock climbing, biking in any weather, binging true crime podcasts, reading thrillers, traveling with her sisters, and her daily dose of coffee!


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