Evan Albertson

Staff Geo-Structural Scientist

I feel 3D modeling software has advanced to a point where conveying information through simple 2D orthographic views is doing a disservice to the complexity of many projects. I never get tired of the opportunity to assemble massive steel structures in a 3D modeling environment.


  • 2020


  • Tacoma, WA

As a member of GeoEngineers’ construction design team, Evan works at the intersection of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering. He designs retaining walls, shoring systems, framework, and the many other temporary and permanent structures required for large construction projects. Evan also specializes in 3D modeling and CAD automation, and he uses these advanced tools to integrate proposed structures with each project site’s unique geology and conditions.

“I never get tired of the opportunity to assemble massive steel structures in a 3D modeling environment,” Evan says.

Evan’s fascination with his work stems from his interest in hybridizing civil and structural design to meet the needs of contractors. He graduated from Montana State University with a degree in construction engineering technology and then jumped right into fieldwork. Evan gained valuable experience working on dredging, marine restoration, and port facility improvement efforts as a project engineer for a marine construction company. This practical experience honed Evan’s skills and helped him understand and relate to the needs of contractors across multiple industries.

Even in his free time, Evan is often still designing and modeling—as an amateur woodworker! His professional 3D modeling skills have proven useful, as Evan uses software to visualize his projects completely before a single cut is made. Since moving to Washington State in 2020 Evan has also taken up birding.

“It’s been captivating to discover the subtle personality traits of the many bird species that inhabit the Pacific Northwest,” Evan says. “Birds are pretty cool.”

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