Gabby Register

Senior CAD Technician

A positive attitude changes everything.


  • 2019


  • Springfield, MO


As part of GeoEngineers’ computer-aided design (CAD) team, Gabby drafts schematics, models and graphics to help our engineers and clients understand and visualize project conditions and proposed construction.

Gabby got her start working for us as a CAD intern while still completing her degree. Originally, Gabby was interested in architecture in school. She soon found that one architectural skill in particular was capturing her interest.

“I learned that my favorite part about becoming an architect was drafting,” Gabby says. “It is like a constant puzzle I must solve. I love it!”

Gabby quickly fell in love with GeoEngineers after exploring the website and decided to apply for an internship position and continue learning on the job. Early on, Gabby specialized in pipeline projects for GeoEngineers’ energy clients, but as a full-time part of the corporate CAD team she now gets to dabble in a different types of projects from across the country.

“It’s nice because I feel like I have more variety—there’s something different every day.” Gabby says, “and I’ve gotten to know people all over the company now that I get to work with everyone.”

When she’s not busy with CAD markup, Gabby likes to spend time with her large extended family, new husband Matt and growing menagerie of rescue animals. At last count Gabby has two dogs and three moody cats. “I have a little addiction with bringing home lost animals,” Gabby admits. Since getting married Gabby and her husband have spent a lot of time settling into and fixing up their new home. They’ve also become gearheads and like to work on modding their cars together.

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