Hamilton Puangnak


Associate Geotechnical Engineer | Geotechnical Discipline Group Leader

I’m an engineer at heart. I aspire to bring designs to life and contribute to stronger and more resilient communities through geotechnical engineering.


  • 2012


  • Redmond, WA

Hamilton is one of our leading in-house experts in earthquake engineering and performance-based design. He works with our clients and partners to protect high-rise buildings and critical infrastructure like hospitals and energy and transportation lifelines from earthquakes.

“My work contributes to the resiliency of communities that are vulnerable to natural hazards like earthquakes and tsunami,” Hamilton says. “It’s very rewarding.”

While in school, it was the variability of the challenges that first attracted Hamilton to geotechnical engineering. He sought after opportunities to solve problems creatively, and the endless diversity of soils and soil-structure interactions across unique project sites ensures that Hamilton is never bored.

“Variety is the spice of life,” he says.

Early during his career, Hamilton began specializing in earthquake engineering and performance-based seismic design. As an emerging engineering discipline, PBSD scratches Hamilton’s itch for new challenges. He’s made significant contributions to the growth of this new professional discipline over the years thanks to a large portfolio of nearly 40 PBSD high-rise building projects in the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s a remarkable number for any engineer, and I’m privileged to have begun my career during a development boom in the region,” says Hamilton. “Helping to shape the Seattle skyline has been a rewarding experience.”

When Hamilton isn’t doing his part to fill out one skyline or another, you might find him hiking or rock climbing.

“When I’m not hanging off the side of a cliff, I’ll probably be somewhere savoring life’s details with my wife and dachshund,” Hamilton says.

Selected Project Experience

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