Hunter Falcon

Staff Environmental Scientist

GeoEngineers really feels like a family, and it’s great to have people I trust working alongside me.


  • 2014


  • Baton Rouge, LA

Hunter spends most days in the field collecting samples, coordinating logistics of fieldwork and reporting for various field investigations. He also spends a sizable amount of time in the lab conducting tests on soil samples to characterize environmental and structural soil characteristics.

After obtaining his B.S. in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from Louisiana State University (LSU), Hunter worked as a field research assistant for LSU, where he studied wetland ecosystems until he was hired by GeoEngineers in 2014.

“I originally planned to work for the state of Louisiana, but after interviewing with GeoEngineers, I was impressed with the company and camaraderie of staff,” Hunter says. “I saw the field technician position as a great opportunity to gain real-world experience and work on a diverse range of projects.”

During his time with us, Hunter’s field work has allowed him to work in almost 20 different states. He’s been from Washington to Florida working on natural gas, transportation, foundation, environmental remediation and coastal restoration projects.

In his free time, Hunter enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and just relaxing. He’s also recently developed an interest for traveling. “Although I wasn’t an avid traveler before coming to GeoEngineers, the travel I do through my work has created a desire to travel more in my free time,” he says.

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