Jasper & Stuart Nordfors

Field Technicians

We're quite the dynamic duo. In the field, we're constantly focused on... squirrel!


  • 2013


  • Redmond, WA

As field technicians, Jasper and Stuart are GeoEngineers’ eyes, ears, and noses in the field. They monitor construction, deposit samples in the soil, dig shallow test pits and much more.  

Although separated in age by nine years, Jasper and Stuart are half-brothers. Chris Nordfors introduced Jasper to GeoEngineers years ago, and they’re both excited to have Stuart on the team. Jasper takes his mentoring role seriously—with mixed results. 

“Stuart is great, but that young pup still has a lot to learn,” Jasper says. “And his attention span? Just the other day I was showing him how to do a proper ball retrieval and all of a sudden he’s chewing on my ear.” 

In their (ample) free time, Jasper and Stuart enjoy chasing balls, frisbees and cheese. 

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