Javan Ruark


Senior Environmental Geologist

Collaboration and responsiveness are two key components that make for effective team decision-making to better support all areas of a project.


  • 2023


  • Redmond, WA


Javan plays an important role in environmental projects across the Pacific Northwest with a focus on site characterizations, feasibility studies, and remedial actions. Put simply, Javan helps our clients assess potential environmental risks or impacts on a site, understand their options, and coordinate with regulators to find appropriate solutions.

“The diverse technical skillset of the staff here at GeoEngineers allows for effective and focused means to evaluate the needs of a project to find the most efficient way to accomplish the project objectives,” Javan says.

In 2023, Javan joined GeoEngineers looking to further expand his technical experience and project portfolio. As a seasoned geologist and environmental professional, Javan’s experience is broad. He oversees soil, groundwater, and soil gas characterizations and supports complex ozone injection and air sparge remediation systems.

Outside of work, Javan looks forward to mountain biking and trail running. Like many geologists, Javan is also a dedicated rockhound who loves exploring the Washington and Idaho backcountry with his two kids.

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