Jesse T. McCullough

Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist

Do the right thing well.


  • 2023


  • Redmond, WA

Jesse is a veteran environmental compliance specialist with nearly two decades of experience in the industrial and manufacturing industries. He helps clients understand their environmental requirements under state and federal laws and then works with them to develop compliance strategies, manage risks, and find solutions that satisfy regulators and businesses alike.

“Compliance isn’t simply a checklist,” Jesse explains. “You need to know what the regulations require but also understand the client’s business operations, the personalities and abilities of their team, and the specific regulators they are interacting with. There are always gray areas in the regulations, unexpected challenges, and of course never enough time in the day. Compliance is the strategy that brings all of this together to develop efficient, smart solutions that can work for everyone.

Jesse’s path toward environmental compliance was sparked by an early interest in the natural world and science. Over the years, Jesse has also developed a deep respect for the ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and tireless work ethic of the industrial and manufacturing companies he works with.

“My favorite part of the job is getting a window into our clients’ world—to see how different businesses are making order out of chaos,” Jesse says. “As a business owner myself, I know how difficult it can be. I can help ease one small part of the burden by bringing my environmental regulatory expertise and experience to the table.”

During his diverse career, Jesse has seen every side of the consultant/client relationship. In addition to his consulting experience, Jesse has served as both the in-house environmental compliance manager and operations manager at multiple industrial facilities. He knows how to work with and improve a client’s existing programs. In 2023, Jesse was attracted to GeoEngineers for its unique employee-owned structure and blend of big-firm expertise and small-firm nimbleness.

Outside of work, Jesse enjoys unwinding with his family and cuddling his toddler. On weekends you might find him grabbing some beers with friends, gardening, or even nerding out on amateur chemistry and metallurgy in his basement lab!

So far, I’ve got not one but two melting furnaces, an electrolytic cell, a distillation system, and all sorts of cool lab glassware and hotplates and such,” Jesse says, “I might be going a little overboard.”

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