Joe Aldridge


Principal Geologist

I am fortunate to have unique experiences in this field. I am not here to brand myself, rather, to thrive on helping, sharing with others, and learning from others for the benefit to all.


  • 2021


  • Bend, OR

Joe manages environmental cleanup projects and manages risks for a variety of industrial clients, helping them meet regulatory guidelines and restore contaminated sites. Over his career, Joe has focused on emerging contaminants like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a potentially harmful component of fire-fighting foam and many other consumer products and industrial materials. When new and poorly understood risks like this are discovered in soil or groundwater, it’s Joe’s job to figure out how to manage the liabilities and clean it up.

“Many of our clients have never faced these particular challenges before,” Joe says, “so it’s up to us to develop best practices for emerging contaminant issues and guide them through.”

Most of Joe’s career has been spent in the energy industry, where he performed investigations and managed environmental remediation projects at gas stations, bulk terminals, former refineries, and pipelines. Joe worked his way into more environmental and compliance responsibility after building a remediation program for a large national pipeline and terminal energy company—a program he managed for 15 years.

Fortunately for us, Joe decided to bring his experience to GeoEngineers. Joe procured and managed environmental consultants while working in the energy industry, so he understands how our clients tend to think and how best to anticipate their needs.

“I was on the client side of this arrangement for decades,” Joe says. “I understand the needs and internal workings of large energy companies—and how to leverage my technical experience on their behalf.”

When he’s not repairing environmental damage at work, Joe likes to take advantage of the Pacific Northwest’s natural resources. You might find him camping, hiking, kayaking, tubing, or fishing—all activities that complement Joe’s interests in continuous learning through audio books and podcasts. Joe also enjoys travel—sometimes by motorcycle—and the thrill of exploring and experiencing cultures.

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