John Franklin

Lab Technician/QA


  • 2023


  • Spokane, WA

Everything we do at GeoEngineers is based on careful testing and analysis, and we rely on lab technicians like John to get it right. John performs a variety of soil tests in our Spokane lab and keeps our procedures and facilities up to spec. In addition to his lab and quality assurance responsibilities, John works closely with our local drill team, tracking jobs, organizing samples, and monitoring the team’s operations.

“I like to learn, and being in a position where I can take on several new roles in addition to lab testing is a fun challenge for me,” John says.

John earned a chemistry degree from Georgia State University in 2020 and then promptly jumped into advanced soil mechanics testing. His experience includes a range of tests, including Direct Shear, Triaxial Shear, Consolidation, and Flex Wall Permeability in addition to standard geotechnical procedures like Hydrometer, pH, Minimum Resistivity, and Atterberg Limit testing. In 2023, John joined GeoEngineers looking for the opportunity to expand his responsibilities and continue learning.

When John isn’t getting his hands dirty in the lab, he enjoys attending concerts, bombing slopes on his snowboard, and showcasing his talent for juggling—but his flair for showmanship doesn’t stop there.

“I also eat fire when I have the time,” John says, “and when there are no burn bans in effect…”


Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout, 2010

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