Jonathan Rudders


Associate Hydrogeologist

Applying hydrogeologic principles to solve real world problems for our clients is my purpose at GeoEngineers.


  • 2001


  • Spokane, WA

Jonathan Rudders is one of the mainstays of our water resources program in the Spokane office, and has been for the past two decades. He applies his hydrogeologic skills to a range of projects including groundwater resource development, aquifer recharge and storage, groundwater modeling, stormwater hydrogeology, construction dewatering, water rights, environmental hydrogeology, mining hydrogeology, ground source heat pump development, and more.

Clients are at the heart of Jonathan’s work, and he works to see things from their perspective, understand their biggest priorities and worries, and discover what success looks like from their point of view. Jonathan’s many long relationships with clients in Washington and Idaho underscore the wisdom of this approach.

“GeoEngineers does a great job of putting the client’s needs first,” Jonathan explains, “getting the right expert to work on the right project at the right time.”

Jonathan is especially proud of the firm’s high-stakes water resources work. Over the years, GeoEngineers has worked to restore groundwater supply to municipalities and smaller water systems when their wells were failing or aquifers were overutilized.

“The threat of water shortage was real,” Jonathan says. “In these circumstances, we have often stepped up with fresh ideas—or have been smarter with standard approaches—to help them find solutions.”

Like his work, many of Jonathan’s personal interests are centered around a desire to understand and experience the natural world. In his free time you’ll often find him studying subjects of interest, spending time with his wife and two children, and exploring the northwest through camping, fishing and hunting.

“I enjoy being a scientist,” Jonathan says. “I am grateful that GeoEngineers provides me a platform to use my background in hydrogeology to solve practical problems for our clients.”

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