Julie Mayfield

Technical Editor


  • 2020


  • Portland, OR


  • Administration

Proposals and deliverables like reports and letters are a critical part of GeoEngineers’ business—Julie helps us get them right. As a technical editor, she carefully reviews project deliverables for style, consistency, typos and other errors before they go to our clients.

Julie has been interested in writing and editing from a young age.

“My mother was a writer/editor for newspapers such as The Daily Olympian and other papers in Seattle and Salt Lake City,” Julie says. “I used to tag along with her to work and it got ingrained in me.”

In addition to writing and editing, Julie supports our technical staff with word processing and spreadsheet preparation.

Julie is also a musician, and she enjoys organizing musical events, caring for plants and animals, and working on her most recent building project—a two-story building on her property.

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