Juniper Pride

Grrraphic Designer

I’m a firm believer in ‘slow living.’


  • 2014


  • Seattle, WA

Juniper’s creativity, passion and fluffiness are a critical part of the GeoEngineers barketing team’s success. Before meeting Stephanie Pride and joining GeoEngineers, Juniper’s story almost ended in tragedy. In 2011, she found herself on death row at a high-kill shelter in California, but an advocacy organization stepped in to help.  

“An amazing organization called PUP (People United for Pets) gave her a second chance,” says Stephanie. “She spent some time on the Eastside as a foster before finally moving in with me.” 

In 2020, Juniper’s resiliency was tested again when she lost her eyesight. She persevered through double cataract surgery and eventually regained most of her vision. Although Juniper’s creative style includes a lot of interpretive wiggling and quiet whisper barks, she’s grateful to have her eyesight back—especially to watch for UPS trucks. 

As she gets closer to retirement, Juniper is all about ‘slow living.’ To her, that means enjoying the good stuff: sleep, sun, cuddles, scratches, brushings, and gourmet food. Her favorite meal is freshly cooked organic duck breast, brown rice, carrots and yogurt. Long-time roommate Stephanie says Juniper’s palette wasn’t always so refined. 

“In her heyday, she once broke into a fridge and ate an entire block of tofu and half a bell pepper,” Stephanie says. “She hid the other half in the laundry basket for later.”

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