Kate Lambert

Field Technician


  • 2022


  • Bellingham, WA

Field Technicians like Kate are on the front lines of every project we do. She monitors construction, logs boreholes, collects samples, and generally acts as the eyes and ears of our project managers in the field.

Kate is passionate about geology and sees it as a valuable part of not just engineering, but society. During her undergraduate studies, she learned the “language” of geology—how it can help us understand our past and build a better future.

“Learning this language allows you to read and immerse yourself in the natural history around you,” Kate says. “I knew I wanted to continue learning about geology while applying it to projects that make a real impact in the community. That’s what led me to GeoEngineers.”

When she’s not working hard to improve our world, Kate takes the time to enjoy it. She stays active with a wide variety of outdoor hobbies, including mountain biking, skiing, climbing, hiking and paddleboarding. At home, Kate likes to unwind with a good book, draw, or crochet.

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