Kirsten Hooper


Staff Geotechnical Engineer

I love what I do. Every day I get to go out and make a difference regardless of whether it is construction observation or site investigation. Each project is an opportunity to learn and grow.


  • 2019


  • Seattle, WA

Kirsten plays an essential role in many of GeoEngineers’ largest design-build transportation projects throughout Western Washington. She coordinates and trains field staff, performs geotechnical analyses, writes memos, and assists with geotechnical designs. In recent years, Kirsten has focused on interdisciplinary fish passage projects for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Kirsten first considered a career in geotechnical engineering while studying civil engineering and environmental science at Seattle University. She enjoyed her soil mechanics and foundation design classes so much that she decided to get a feel for real-world geotechnical engineering before choosing a master’s program and specializing. Kirsten found the perfect opportunity to do just that thanks to GeoEngineers’ internship program, which Kirsten joined during the summer of 2019.

“The internship allowed me to explore all the different types of projects, as well as understand the expectations of a geotechnical engineer,” Kirsten says.

During the internship, Kirsten had the chance to work on real projects and learn from GeoEngineers’ seasoned geotechnical engineers. In one summer, Kirsten was able to get a taste of a variety of projects and geotechnical challenges.

“I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of the job,” Kirsten says. “Things come up in the field and I had to work with the project manager and engineers to come up with solutions. Every day was different, and that made it fun.”

The satisfaction with Kirsten’s internship was mutual. At the end of the summer, GeoEngineers offered Kirsten a part-time position while she pursued her master’s at the University of Texas at Austin. After she graduated in 2022, Kirsten moved back to Seattle to join the team full-time.

“GeoEngineers offered me a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and mature as an engineer,” Kirsten says. “I loved my internship, so I was very happy to receive an offer to stay with the company.”

When she’s not hard at work, Kirsten loves to spend her time exploring—whether it’s a new neighborhood, cuisine, piece of knowledge, or country. She’s traveled extensively through Western Europe, the Caribbean, and North America and dreams of traveling to each state in the U.S. and each continent! When she’s not globetrotting, Kirsten enjoys cooking and spending time with family and her cats, Mookie and Mirage.

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