Lara is a project manager and geologist who primarily works on large environmental remediation projects. In fact, for the past six years Lara has worked almost exclusively on the Palermo Superfund site in Tumwater, Washington. Lara and her team are investigating historical contamination in the soil and groundwater at the site and working with the EPA to implement efficient cleanup solutions.

“I never imagined that I would end up in environmental consulting, it just happened,” Lara says.

Although she couldn’t predict the details, Lara knew her future was in science as early as 6th grade. Strong support from teachers and others in her life set Lara on a path toward environmental science. Lara’s middle school science teacher encouraged her interest.

“She was strong, inspiring, and let you put your science to the test outdoors,” Lara explains. “Then I took a geology class in college and that sealed the deal.”

At GeoEngineers, Lara is proud of the contributions she’s made to the Palermo Superfund project, and how the team has advanced from one challenge to the next, developing deeper trust with our client and the public along the way.

“I love being able to think outside of the box, that there’s not one prescribed way to think about things,” Lara says. “We’re encouraged to be free and creative with the type of solutions we come up with for our clients.”

Lara’s creativity is also reflected in her personal interests. She knits or crochets most days to relax, and she’s made a lot of garments, blankets and stuffed animals over the years. Lara also recently discovered a love of painting.

“I find that it allows you to explore your creativity in a way that you can’t with words, but with color and imagination,” she says.

When she can get outside, Lara also enjoys hiking and experiencing the views, lakes and waterfalls of Washington’s backcountry.

  • ACEC Gold Best-in-State Award for Client Satisfaction, 2018. Awarded to Palermo Superfund Environmental Investigation.
  • Co-author with several other GeoEngineers staff, client, and regulators: “Supplemental Investigation of Dilute and Diffuse Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater: An Innovative Screening Approach” presented by Nick Rohrbach at the 2018 Chlorinated Conference.

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