Larry Sant


Associate Geotechnical Engineer

I enjoy building things. The variety of projects and site conditions we encounter provide us a continual challenge.


  • 2001


  • St. Louis, MO

As a senior engineer at GeoEngineers, Larry has managed a variety of geotechnical engineering projects throughout the Inland Northwest and the Southeastern United States. He has been involved in hundreds of design projects for a variety of transportation, utility and development clients, on structures ranging from private residences to large public and private facilities and roadways. “I enjoy building things,” he reflected. “The variety of projects and site conditions we encounter provide us a continual challenge.”

The US90 Design-Build project in New Iberia, Louisiana is one example of how Larry and his colleagues overcame some of these challenges through creative design work. The team needed solutions that would reduce post-construction settlement and prevent down-drag loads on the proposed adjacent bridge foundations. They provided engineering analysis and optimized design for wick drains, which sped up the exit of water from the consolidating soil in the approach embankments; and surcharge, which added weight to speed settlement of the embankments. “The monitoring data revealed that our solution worked as predicted and allowed bridge construction to commence far ahead of schedule,” Larry noted.

Because Larry has six kids, he says that most of his leisure time is spent at their youth sporting events or on camping adventures with the Scout troop. Larry muses, “I enjoy most sports and outdoor activities, and have found that I enjoy them even more when I experience them with my family.”

Selected Project Experience

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