Leanne Dunn

Senior Contracts Administrator

Good contracts are the result of an honest and respectful discussion between people, and it’s my privilege to lead those conversations.


  • 2023


  • Remote


  • Contracts

Well-executed contracts are critical for professional consultants like GeoEngineers, and Leanne helps us get the details right. Leanne has more than a decade of experience in legal studies and contract management, and she works closely with clients, teaming partners, and GeoEngineers managers to deliver the high-quality contracts that power our projects.

“In many ways, a contract administrator is like a couple’s counselor,” Leanne explains. “There doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific issue, but employers and contractors will go back and forth on terms, procurement, pricing, and other things until both parties are happy. Having someone dedicated to managing these discussions makes the process run smoother.”

Leanne built a career as a corporate paralegal for a variety of companies and markets, including focusing on intellectual property (IP) law at John Deere World Headquarters. Leanne’s interest in IP deepened her understanding of how businesses can and should protect themselves, eventually leading her to contract law.

For more than five years, Leanne served as a contract manager for a forward-thinking tech company dedicated to transforming consumer products with sustainable, low-carbon materials. Leanne also put her contract administration and paralegal skills to work for engineering and construction companies, paving the way for her to join GeoEngineers in 2023.

“Researching the company and finding the core values is what first interested me,” Leanne says. “Seeing the whole picture of what GeoEngineers stands for gives me more purpose in my role because I know I am part of a bigger whole.”

Leanne is a devoted Chicago Bears and Cubs fan, and much of her free time is spent with her puppy Payton, a cute adopted Shihtzu named after the legendary Walter Payton of the Bears! When she’s not watching games, Leanne enjoys gardening and casual birdwatching.

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