Leili Javidannia


Geo-Structural Engineer


  • 2020


  • Southborough, MA*

As a Geo-Structural Engineer on our construction design team, Leili is an expert in both soils and structures—and how they interact. She works on a variety of heavy civil engineering and infrastructure projects for our clients, designing temporary and permanent structures that are appropriate for specific soil conditions.

Leili’s fascination with architecture and infrastructure began during her childhood in Iran. A visit to the ancient Persian architectural masterpiece Persepolis launched her toward engineering and design.

“I was so curious about the construction and design of all the palaces there, so I started to read about it,” Leili says. “The more I read the more interested I became in this field. Soon I started to learn about other architectural masterpieces in all over the world.”

That experience set Leili on a path toward a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering, and then another in structural engineering. After completing a very well-balanced education, Leili worked as a geotechnical engineer in Iran for three years before joining GeoEngineers in search of broader responsibilities.

“Working as a geo-structural engineer has been a great opportunity for me to practice the knowledge which I earned from both of my degrees,” Leili says.

Leili is enthusiastic and full of energy—you won’t find her relaxing even in her free time. She loves to celebrate the big and little occasions of life with her friends, and stays active by hiking, cycling, dancing and travel.

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